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Silver Pearl Ear Stud ( Soft Purple)

Silver Pearl Ear Stud ( Soft Purple)
Kategori Pearl Earring
Di lihat 35 kali
Harga Rp 105.000
Model Giwang Mutiara, Giwang Perak Zircon Tiga Ungu Muda
Design of pearl stud earrings
An ear stud is well known as a classic model of pierce earring.  Easy to wear, you don't need to connect the hook. No need to worry if it would stuck to your clothes. Laid above is a sample of simple Indonesian pearl from Lombok without any additional ornament included. These ear studs are made of pure silver, combined with a couple of freshwater Lombok pearls. They look cute with some decorations of mini zircon, performing a soft and feminine look. Simple and beautiful.
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